JANVIER 2018 – Gilles et sa famille

Botswana,Auto-tour,Camps & lodges

Concernant le voyage, nous sommes très très content et avons passé 2 semaines super. • Flight with Delta Air: very good • Avis: very nice customer service. The car however was not the most suitable for us, we had this large boot which was too big for us (we were limited in the size of the luggage anyway), maybe a more conventional 4×4 car would have been better, but not sure if it was available • Khwai tented camp: this was really the climax of our vacation: fantastic settings, the team was very nice and very professional, the food was excellent, and our guide (named Dutch Kasale) was excellent, very professional, had a very large knowledge of the place and of the animals, and he showed us a leopard, several lions,… we highly recommend him • Flight on August 17 : very good however the volume for luggage was indeed very limited • Cresta Riley: staff at the reception not very good, staff at restaurant and in the room very good, overall hotel not too well maintained, a bit worn out • Guam Lagoon Camp: staff not too friendly, asked to signed a very detailed legal document on arrival (a liability waiver) which was not acceptable, I signed it but next time I’ll refuse, they have to take some liability if they do something wrong, site very nice • Drotsky cabin: very nice, staff and management friendly, very comfortable chalets, the settings was very nice • Divava Okavango Resort: excellent, staff très sympa, game drive not as good as in Khwai (the guide was not very talkative and not as good as Dutch from Khwai) but overall good experience. The self drive in Mahango was very nice • Mahangu: more simple but very goods though, staff was very helpful, huge number of elephants coming to drink on the other side of the river • Cresta Reiley: boat cruise not so great, the guide was not too friendly and we also had to sign a liability waiver there Overall very good trip, very nice to have you helping us and all was very well organised. Merci encore Cordialement, Gilles

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